Breaking News: The extraordinary Rock-Duo White Miles from tyrol is breaking up. After some great shows in austria and outside the country last year with their new album „The Duel“ the Band has officially announced their end. On Wednesday Night, the Drummer of the Band Hansjörg Loferer announced the end of White Miles.

The official Statement from the Band:

„I am deeply sorry and it truely breaks my heart to announce to you that the era of White Miles has come to an end.
Unexpected and as hard as it could get it hit me when Medina decided to leave the band, to move on with her idea and conception of music.
Everybody of us needs to reflect and decide where to and how he wants to move on in his life. And whatever it’s gonna be that Medina is working on, or wherever it’s gonna lead her, I do wish her all the best for it. I wanna say thanks Medina, for all the years of mayhem and kickin’ ass, for all the blues and for all the rock’n’roll we lived through together! All these years you definitely were my partner in crime.“

I’m excited to see what Medina’s gonna be up to in the future but it still breaks my heart to see probably one of the best Bands from austria (at the moment) breaking up.

We get our first chance to hear some full versions of the upcoming Album Ellipsis from the amazing Biffy Clyro. Besides Wolves of Winter, which already got the music video treatment, the play some other great new songs like Animal Style and Medicine. You can hear for yourself:

Rock in Vienna Coverage

Biffy Clyro is going to play this saturday at the Rock in Vienna Festival in Austria. I’m gonna keep you up to date live from the festival on the Instagram and Facebook Page from my gaming Blog Cerealkillerz. So stay tuned and don’t forget to follow guys!

Tony Hajjar has been rekindling a potent musical fire in recent months: His most famous band, post-hardcore icons At the Drive-In, reunited in March for a massive world tour – even planting the seeds for new material. Now the drummer’s launching an equally intriguing new project: On April 27th, Hajjar will hit the stage at Los Angeles‘ Dragonfly to unveil Gone Is Gone, an experimental rock supergroup featuring bassist-singer Troy Sanders (Mastodon), guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age) and guitarist-keyboardist Mike Zarin.

The quartet will release an EP this summer via the band’s own imprint, in partnership with Rise Records/BMG. Lead single „Violescent,“ available to preview below, is a sludge-metal powerhouse, a balanced hybrid of their respective styles: the de-tuned guitar rumble of Van Leeuwen and Zarin, Hajjar’s hi-hat-heavy post-hardcore groove and Sanders‘ doom-laden bellow.

Gone Is Gone will unite for their first rehearsals one week before their live L.A. debut – and that whirlwind buildup reflects the band’s unorthodox formation. Hajjar and Zarin, who have worked on scores for movie trailers and video games since 2009, realized around 2012 that one of their compositions needed the thrust of a full band. Hajjar recruited longtime friend Van Leeuwen for some additional tracking, later booking sessions to write a full EP.

maxresdefault (1)

But they still needed a vocalist. „When thinking of singers, a few came to mind, but Troy Sanders‘ voice and presence kept on coming up in conversations,“ Hajjar tells Rolling Stone. „Both Troys had always talked about doing something together, so it was an easy connection. Sanders flew in and tracked some demos to the finished music, and it went from there.“

The EP was recorded and arranged through hours of jams with the trio of Hajjar, Zarin and Van Leeuwen, as Sanders flew in periodically to Los Angeles. The group wound up with 20 songs – enough for a planned 13-track LP and other compositions earmarked for scoring work.

„The thought behind this band is to combine what most of us know from many years of being in touring/recording entities and our love of scoring,“ Hajjar says. „Mike and I have had the privilege of being part of some amazing movie trailer campaigns and scored the game Splinter Cell: Blacklist together as well. Our goal is to be able to do more of this within this project.“

With each band member balancing Gone Is Gone with other projects, their biggest issue was carving out a clear schedule. „The timing is like a mother’s instinct,“ Sanders jokes. „We know it is now as this band was conceived a few years ago, and we have been holding onto this music far too long. The gestation period has to end. Doctor’s orders, we must birth this band into the world now!“

Hajjar is already eyeing the collective’s deep future beyond the L.A. show, the EP and eventual LP. „Gone is Gone is a project that can live even when we are working with our other entities as well,“ he says. „The goal is to be able to compose remotely, if needed, on film, trailers, or on anything else that comes up … It feels good to know that all this music will see the light of day soon.“

„The vibe from day one was, and has been, very therapeutic and refreshing for me,“ Sanders adds. „The chemistry was immediate. I can only dedicate myself to something that rewards me purely, and we are all in this for the right reasons.“


Besides writing about video games, I mostly can’t really find the time to give some great tunes the attention they deserve. At the moment I can’t stop listening to most of the tracks from Caliban’s new Album: Gravity. I wanted to point out some of my highlights from it for you guys.

The first impressions

After listening to Paralyzed on Youtube, I wasn’t sure the new Album’s gonna be that great. It’s a good track but not really what I personally like about them. This time you’ll get only one track in german called „Mein schwarzes Herz“ the lyrics are really great and also the chorus is catchy we the female background vocals.


After listening through the album, my favourite titles were easy to find. Left for Dead, Who I Am, brOKen, For We Are Forever and Inferno are the main titles you should listen to. From the lyrics over the harder Metalcore Parts, everything’s great about them. The rest of the album is also fine but lacks on something that sets them apart from the rest of the Caliban Tracks we know.

As 13th and 14th Track you get 2 Remixes of Mein schwarzes Herz and Paralyzed, which are easy forgettable and look more like a filler for the rest of the Album to get more Songs overall together.

The complete tracklist without the 2 Remixes from the Deluxe Edition:

01. Paralyzed
02. Mein schwarzes Herz
03. Who I Am
04. Left For Dead
05. Crystal Skies
06. Walk Alone
07. The Ocean’s Heart
08. brOKen
09. For We Are Forever
10. Inferno
11. No Dream Without A Sacrifice
12. Hurricane

You can order the CD here.

The Conlusion

Gravity sounds and feels like a step into the right direction after I Am Nemesis, which also had some great tracks but couldn’t really offer much variety. Fans of the german Caliban Tracks will have to be satisfied with 1 track but the rest of the Album offers a great mix of Hard Metalcore Tracks with amazing lyrics. The main reason why I like Caliban and especially Gravity is, that the band always manage to get so much more than just the typical metalcore blast beats and breakdowns in their songs.

After 1 year abstinence I’m back on my favourite topic besides Games: featuring great artists. So the weather was hot and cold this week (no Katy Perry reference) which means some mood swings and crazy people who actually are affected by such bullshit. Not wasting much words on this „amazing“ topics and going straight to the good part:

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Every time I talk to people about music, the first question is: what music do you like. Most people have it easy to answer that. „I like metal“ „I like Hip Hop“ and so on. Me on the other hand, listen to nearly every genre if the artists got skills. Maybe it’s because I’m musician or it’s because I’m pretty open minded on nearly everything (nations, culture, music) I do prefer stuff like progressive rock and stoner rock but I can’t listen to it all day. Sometimes I just wanna listen to metalcore all day and the next day I’m listening to the Frozen Soundtrack or Coldplay and stuff like that. I also never considered myself as follower of some youth movement. My friends were goths, emos but also the rest of the freaky stuff that was around in the last years and I never had problems with them hanging around or talking with them about their favourite artists. If you want to get some samples of my taste of music check out my Playlists on Spotify:

Some examples of my favourite Songs:

Note: Don’t want to sound like a douchebag here, so: listen to whatever the f*ck you want if it’s awesome for you.

Catchy tune of the week

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I’m not really a big fan of Skrillex but I kinda like his new album. It got some good tracks, including Ease My Mind. It starts really soft and ends up in a really catchy beat.

Recess starts also pretty good but I’d really love a version without vocals. This random screaming really destroys the whole song for me.

You can find the whole album on Skrillex’s Youtube Channel


Finally a new Caliban Album! I’m following Caliban now some years and got all of their albums, so I was pretty hyped, when they announced „Ghost Empire“. The first Track I’ve listened to was „King“ and after their great last recored „I am Nemesis“ this songs really got my hopes up.

I really love the drum parts in this song and also the lyrics are great as always. I love the „don’t give a fuck“ attitude of their lyrics. After seeing them live 5 times and owning all their albums, I had to pre order their new record as well. Glad I found the whole album as pre listening Version on

My Vertigo and Devil’s Night are now my favourite tracks of the album, also because of the new drum parts and the lyrics.

I don’t now if anyone of you is into metalcore but If you want to get into it, Caliban is probably your best choice. I don’t know any german band that would be better in this genre. Ghost Empire should be a really good album for fans and also for people who wanna get used to the genre because it got much more clean and djent like parts  than their older records.

I like the fact that there are some songs who are made by drummers to remind people how much bands need drummers. Also I like to play them because I’m a drummer by myself since my childhood and it’s just amazing to try to play them the same way, they did it.

This is my personal favorite. Matt Helders is really one of the best drummers out there and I love his drum parts, especially this song. The view from the afternoon isn’t just a drummer anthem, it’s THE drummer anthem. Every part of the song is really awesome to play and listening to and the video is just amazing.

System of A down is still one of my favorite bands and Toxicity is probably one of the best songs ever made and the drums are really great too. It’s not really a drummer anthem but it got power and pretty much every drum cover player started with this song or made an amazing video for it.


Song of the day Nr.3

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Sorry that I kept you waiting guys. As you can imagine I’m pretty hyped by QOTSA yesterday. I got some favortie songs of the new album but this one was so great live, that I kept playing it the whole day on every device I could. So yea Smooth Sailing is my song of the day.