Besides writing about video games, I mostly can’t really find the time to give some great tunes the attention they deserve. At the moment I can’t stop listening to most of the tracks from Caliban’s new Album: Gravity. I wanted to point out some of my highlights from it for you guys.

The first impressions

After listening to Paralyzed on Youtube, I wasn’t sure the new Album’s gonna be that great. It’s a good track but not really what I personally like about them. This time you’ll get only one track in german called „Mein schwarzes Herz“ the lyrics are really great and also the chorus is catchy we the female background vocals.


After listening through the album, my favourite titles were easy to find. Left for Dead, Who I Am, brOKen, For We Are Forever and Inferno are the main titles you should listen to. From the lyrics over the harder Metalcore Parts, everything’s great about them. The rest of the album is also fine but lacks on something that sets them apart from the rest of the Caliban Tracks we know.

As 13th and 14th Track you get 2 Remixes of Mein schwarzes Herz and Paralyzed, which are easy forgettable and look more like a filler for the rest of the Album to get more Songs overall together.

The complete tracklist without the 2 Remixes from the Deluxe Edition:

01. Paralyzed
02. Mein schwarzes Herz
03. Who I Am
04. Left For Dead
05. Crystal Skies
06. Walk Alone
07. The Ocean’s Heart
08. brOKen
09. For We Are Forever
10. Inferno
11. No Dream Without A Sacrifice
12. Hurricane

You can order the CD here.

The Conlusion

Gravity sounds and feels like a step into the right direction after I Am Nemesis, which also had some great tracks but couldn’t really offer much variety. Fans of the german Caliban Tracks will have to be satisfied with 1 track but the rest of the Album offers a great mix of Hard Metalcore Tracks with amazing lyrics. The main reason why I like Caliban and especially Gravity is, that the band always manage to get so much more than just the typical metalcore blast beats and breakdowns in their songs.