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Catchy tune of the week

Posted: 25th März 2014 by scioncerealkill in Bands you probably never heard about, Tune of the week
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I’m not really a big fan of Skrillex but I kinda like his new album. It got some good tracks, including Ease My Mind. It starts really soft and ends up in a really catchy beat. Recess starts also pretty good but I’d really love a version without vocals. This random screaming really destroys the […]

Finally a new Caliban Album! I’m following Caliban now some years and got all of their albums, so I was pretty hyped, when they announced „Ghost Empire“. The first Track I’ve listened to was „King“ and after their great last recored „I am Nemesis“ this songs really got my hopes up. I really love the […]

I like the fact that there are some songs who are made by drummers to remind people how much bands need drummers. Also I like to play them because I’m a drummer by myself since my childhood and it’s just amazing to try to play them the same way, they did it. This is my […]

Introducing: Sparta

Posted: 30th Juni 2013 by scioncerealkill in Bands you probably never heard about

One of my personal favorites and I would consider them as a band most of you probably never heard about. First of all: no, they got nothing to do with the Movie 300. They started in 2001 after At the Drive-In fell apart. 2 of the old At the Drive-In Members created The Mars Volta, […]