Finally a new Caliban Album! I’m following Caliban now some years and got all of their albums, so I was pretty hyped, when they announced „Ghost Empire“. The first Track I’ve listened to was „King“ and after their great last recored „I am Nemesis“ this songs really got my hopes up.

I really love the drum parts in this song and also the lyrics are great as always. I love the „don’t give a fuck“ attitude of their lyrics. After seeing them live 5 times and owning all their albums, I had to pre order their new record as well. Glad I found the whole album as pre listening Version on tape.tv

My Vertigo and Devil’s Night are now my favourite tracks of the album, also because of the new drum parts and the lyrics.

I don’t now if anyone of you is into metalcore but If you want to get into it, Caliban is probably your best choice. I don’t know any german band that would be better in this genre. Ghost Empire should be a really good album for fans and also for people who wanna get used to the genre because it got much more clean and djent like parts  than their older records.