Introducing: Sparta

Posted: 30th Juni 2013 by scioncerealkill in Bands you probably never heard about

One of my personal favorites and I would consider them as a band most of you probably never heard about. First of all: no, they got nothing to do with the Movie 300. They started in 2001 after At the Drive-In fell apart. 2 of the old At the Drive-In Members created The Mars Volta, also an amazing band.

Sparta didn’t last long either but they made amazing songs and played awesome live shows.

  • 2002: Wiretap Scars
  • 2004: Porcelain
  • 2006: Threes

In 2011 Jeremy Ward said that Sparta is back alive and in mai 2013 they finally released a new song!

My personal hopes are high that they come back and tour again in europe. If I heard something new about them you’ll get the update here.