I like the fact that there are some songs who are made by drummers to remind people how much bands need drummers. Also I like to play them because I’m a drummer by myself since my childhood and it’s just amazing to try to play them the same way, they did it.

This is my personal favorite. Matt Helders is really one of the best drummers out there and I love his drum parts, especially this song. The view from the afternoon isn’t just a drummer anthem, it’s THE drummer anthem. Every part of the song is really awesome to play and listening to and the video is just amazing.

System of A down is still one of my favorite bands and Toxicity is probably one of the best songs ever made and the drums are really great too. It’s not really a drummer anthem but it got power and pretty much every drum cover player started with this song or made an amazing video for it.


Song of the day Nr.3

Posted: 3rd Juli 2013 by scioncerealkill in Song of the day

Sorry that I kept you waiting guys. As you can imagine I’m pretty hyped by QOTSA yesterday. I got some favortie songs of the new album but this one was so great live, that I kept playing it the whole day on every device I could. So yea Smooth Sailing is my song of the day.


Song of the day Nr.2

Posted: 1st Juli 2013 by scioncerealkill in Song of the day

Here we go again! No it’s not stoner rock or QOTSA this time! Today I actually liked something different more. They really impressed me at the Nova Rock Festival in Nickelsdorf.

Also the music video is probably one of the best videos ever made. So much awesomeness in less than 10 minutes. Enjoy!

My Queens of the Stone Age Wish-Setlist

Posted: 1st Juli 2013 by scioncerealkill in Concerts

So QOTSA is playing tomorrow in Vienna and I thought: why not making my wish-setlist for the concert? (I know they play the same fucking songs as on the rest of their tour but let me dream)

Perfect start. 2008 at gasometer everyone went nuts when they started their gig after Biffy Clyro opened up for them. Really one of the best concert I went to.

Didn’t saw this one live yet. One of the best Songs from Rated R. Really like the guitar part at the beginning and Oliveri’s Part.

The best song of the new album. One fuckin big earworm since I first heard it. The full album version is even better. I like the style of the new album. It’s really more back to the roots since Era Vulgaris.

Again amazing piec of Oliveri. Since he left the band it’s not gonna happen but yea again: let me dream.

After listening to QOTSA over the year I really started to love this song. Lullabies To Paralyze is a great album and this song really describes for me what stoner rock really is.

Promoting the new album a bit. They will do it and it’s also a great song. Not as good as the rest but still a really good song.

Also a „must play“. I think besides No One Knows and Go with the flow it’s one of the most popular songs of QOTSA. Because yea it’s kinda obvious.

Always good. In every situation, every mood and every time. One of their best songs.

Let’s come to an end. My personal QOTSA favourite and probably one of their best songs ever made from their best album and also the best album ever made.

The grand finale. Every band got their signature song and No One Knows is QOTSA’s.

Personally I really would like to here this one, because I never heard it live and it’s one of my favourite’s to play on guitar and also on drums.


Introducing: Sparta

Posted: 30th Juni 2013 by scioncerealkill in Bands you probably never heard about

One of my personal favorites and I would consider them as a band most of you probably never heard about. First of all: no, they got nothing to do with the Movie 300. They started in 2001 after At the Drive-In fell apart. 2 of the old At the Drive-In Members created The Mars Volta, also an amazing band.

Sparta didn’t last long either but they made amazing songs and played awesome live shows.

  • 2002: Wiretap Scars
  • 2004: Porcelain
  • 2006: Threes

In 2011 Jeremy Ward said that Sparta is back alive and in mai 2013 they finally released a new song!

My personal hopes are high that they come back and tour again in europe. If I heard something new about them you’ll get the update here.

Song of the day Nr.1

Posted: 30th Juni 2013 by scioncerealkill in Song of the day

The first Band and Song I really want you to listen to is from a band I discovered some weeks ago, because they headline an austrian Stoner Rock Festival. Sungrazer are from the Netherlands and you can find out more about them on their Homepage.


I also like the cover art of their album and the whole sound of their works. Reminds me of Stoner Rock Legends like Mondo Generator or Kyuss.