Every time I talk to people about music, the first question is: what music do you like. Most people have it easy to answer that. „I like metal“ „I like Hip Hop“ and so on. Me on the other hand, listen to nearly every genre if the artists got skills. Maybe it’s because I’m musician or it’s because I’m pretty open minded on nearly everything (nations, culture, music) I do prefer stuff like progressive rock and stoner rock but I can’t listen to it all day. Sometimes I just wanna listen to metalcore all day and the next day I’m listening to the Frozen Soundtrack or Coldplay and stuff like that. I also never considered myself as follower of some youth movement. My friends were goths, emos but also the rest of the freaky stuff that was around in the last years and I never had problems with them hanging around or talking with them about their favourite artists. If you want to get some samples of my taste of music check out my Playlists on Spotify:

Some examples of my favourite Songs:

Note: Don’t want to sound like a douchebag here, so: listen to whatever the f*ck you want if it’s awesome for you.