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Breaking News: The extraordinary Rock-Duo White Miles from tyrol is breaking up. After some great shows in austria and outside the country last year with their new album „The Duel“ the Band has officially announced their end. On Wednesday Night, the Drummer of the Band Hansjörg Loferer announced the end of White Miles. The official Statement from […]

Tony Hajjar has been rekindling a potent musical fire in recent months: His most famous band, post-hardcore icons At the Drive-In, reunited in March for a massive world tour – even planting the seeds for new material. Now the drummer’s launching an equally intriguing new project: On April 27th, Hajjar will hit the stage at […]

Every time I talk to people about music, the first question is: what music do you like. Most people have it easy to answer that. „I like metal“ „I like Hip Hop“ and so on. Me on the other hand, listen to nearly every genre if the artists got skills. Maybe it’s because I’m musician […]