After 1 year abstinence I’m back on my favourite topic besides Games: featuring great artists. So the weather was hot and cold this week (no Katy Perry reference) which means some mood swings and crazy people who actually are affected by such bullshit. Not wasting much words on this „amazing“ topics and going straight to the good part:

Haven’t heard a thing about these guys in ages. Blackmail are probably one of the best bands germany ever had and yea as always, they didn’t recorded that much or played shows for years. I really hope they’re gonna have a comeback soon like Sparta or the Mars Volta with their new project Antemasque. Couldn’t really find some of their newer songs on Youtube. If you find a stream or buy their album „Tempo Tempo“ you should check out the Song „False Medication“ I really dig their dark lyrics in combination with the perfect symbiosis of the hard guitar riffs and the fitting drum parts.

First of all: I love Laura-Mary Carter. She’s one of the most beautiful women I know and besides her great voice, she really knows how to tune a guitar. It’s the best part of their Live Studio Recording. I don’t know why but the sound of the guitar is amazing in this one. The only bad part is the AC/DC Shirt of the drummer. It’s not like I hate AC/DC but come on, you can play those parts and sing: print a shirt of your fucking face and wear it all day pls?

And another one with women on the main parts of the band (sorry bass players out there) I should really get paid extra for all that gender featuring. My short version point of view on that topic: If you can play an instrument like them I don’t give a fuck about your history or gender. I spotted Courage My Love through Youtube some years ago and I still like what they are doing. Some of their songs got a bit to much of a pop vibe behind them but the basic structure behind the music is still amazing and I’m still impressed on some drums parts on the first record.

Hope you can find some time to check out the bands and give them some attention, they deserve it. If you need some music recommendations in this direction or in general just contact me. I always love to spread some awesome tunes with my friends. Cheers.

Just a quick side note: