Vienna/London Alternative Music Concert Wishlist

Posted: 27th Februar 2018 by Scion in Concerts, News

Lately I haven’t been that active on the blog (I think the last post was 1-2 years ago) so as usual I’m trying to keep myself up to date with upcoming concerts for myself.


First: Roadtrip feat. Motorpsycho 6.3.2018 in the Arena Wien. The norwegian Psych-/Progrocker are hard to get to play in vienna and my oldest brother is a big fan of them since I can remember. I listened through a couple of their songs but I’m still not sure if it’s worth my time and money. I really enjoy hanging out with my brother but I also got a huge backlog of Video Games that need my attention.

Cover Motorpsycho Concert Wien

So the second concert I’m not really sure I’ll attend is Carpenter Brut + Youth Code in the Arena Wien 8.3.2018. I kinda stumbled over some tracks of them through my spotify recommendations and also enjoyed their work on the Furi Soundtrack. If you enjoyed games like Devil May Cry mixed up with some shmup-mechanics, you’ll love this.

Carpenter Brut Arena Wien

Tracks you should check out:


On my next trip to london Steven Wilson and Thirty Seconds to Mars are playing on the same day/night while I’m in the city. Since I already saw Jared Leto and his Crew several times I will go with Steven. Really enjoyed his last album and the work he did on Last Day of June. It’s a video game heavy concert month but that’s just how I roll. If you know any good shows coming up, just let me know. EDIT: Fuck it, already bought the tickets <3 #teamtatjana

London Steven Wilson Concert